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Why should I join DVEA/TSTA/NEA?

  • Members gain political power at the local, state, and national levels: Political power is electing candidates who support public education and opposing those who don't. Real political power is writing the laws we need, and defeating the laws that will be harmful to you and students. 

  • Members get he best legal defense when they need it: In today's world, no education employee should walk onto a work site without legal protection. TSTA has protected members for over 125 years. We have the clout, the legal team and the money to give you a fair shot at justice. We also provide more liability insurance than you'll ever need. No liability claim against an educational employee has ever exceeded our coverage. 

  • We provide help when you need it: As a TSTA/NEA member, you belong to the largest democratically run, member controlled, professional organization in the world. We have the resources to help you do your job well. Our NEA and TSTA Member Benefits programs provide you with the buying power that comes from having 3.2 million members. Also, by calling 877-ASK-TSTA toll free from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday (8-5 summers), experts from every TSTA center, including our legal center, can assist you and your local association with legal, professional, and organizing needs. 

  • Members can access the information they need: Whether you need a lesson plan or the latest education news, TSTA/NEA provides the information you need. Sign up for our weekly electronic newsletter and visit all the great NEA web sites for lesson plans, grant opportunities, ways you can save money, and much more.

What can I do to protect myself in meetings with administrators?

  • You must attend the meeting if directed to do so (refusal to attend the meeting can be called "insubordination"). If you can, talk to TSTA at 877-ASK-TSTA before the meeting.

  • Be professional. Do not overreact to accusations or allegations of misconduct. 

  • Listen carefully & take notes. Communicate the fact that you are willing to listen to the comments of the administrator/supervisor.

  • Do not make spontaneous replies to any allegations or accusations. Do not respond or argue at this time. 

  • If you are threatened with termination or criminal allegations, BE CALM, and politely request an adjournment of the meeting in order to contact your attorney. Then, immediately contact TSTA at 877-ASK-TSTA.

  • If offered an "opportunity" to resign to avoid termination, do NOT accept. Contact TSTA immediately for advice. Once you resign, no one can help you. TSTA attorneys can advise you how to proceed if termination is the only option. Again, contact TSTA at once following the meeting.

When is it important for me to call the TSTA Help Center?

  • Call whenever criminal conduct is alleged or might be alleged.

  • If facing dismissal, call.

  • When threatened in any way by administration, call.

  • Call whenever illegal discrimination or retaliation might be alleged.

  • Call if you are ever placed on administrative leave.

Why is TSTA legal coverage my best option?

Other organizations provide an insurance policy with limits for attorney services, but TSTA covers the costs of an attorney completely through our defense fund. TSTA assists you when your employment rights are being violated or your employment is in jeopardy. When we take a case, the cost of an attorney will never be an issue. TSTA spends over a million dollars each year representing members. TSTA has in-house attorneys who are experts in education employment law. TSTA also retains attorneys across the state to assist members In addition to employment rights defense, TSTA provides a comprehensive insurance that protects members against most legal claims while acting within the scope of your employment. Contact TSTA for details.

What can I do when I have a complaint about something at my job?

Routine problems arise on the job all the time. Ideally, the goal of workplace problem solving should be a win-win solution, freeing you from the problem yet maintaining a positive relationship with your supervisor and the district itself. Working towards that end, DVEA officers meet each month with Del Valle’s Superintendent Dr. Annette Tielle. We keep lines of communication open to head off conflicts, and to resolve issues before they escalate. There is safety and power in numbers. You have already taken the first step to job security by becoming a member of DVEA/TSTA/NEA. You are now one of the many members of this local who are covered by TSTA and NEA employment protection. Your membership in the association communicates clearly to district administration that you are not helpless, and that you have access to active support through your membership. If nothing else has worked, a grievance is a formal way to air an unresolved complaint. This is usually a last resort for solving your problem since there must be an actual violation of law by the district which you can prove.

cost of membership

Dues are based on your job title and length of time in job title.

Professional Dues - TSTA/NEA Active         $24.46 / 24 pmts

Professional Dues  - New to Profession       $17.25 / 24 pmts

Educational Support Dues - Full Time        $13.90 / 24 pmts

Educational Support Dues - Part Time      $8.25 / 24 pmts

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